Sunday, October 9, 2011

chalkboard love... Eat your heart out Z Gallerie!!

One man's trash.. anothers treasure... I found the formerly tacky beauty at a yard sale.. 5 bucks baby.
Got to love the plastic gold frame and the cardboard floral art! I saw potential.. I painted the frame gloss bright white and couple coats of chalkboard paint. Paint is magic!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beginnings of a Blog

Well, Here it goes!! My name is Carolina Taylor and I love junk!! I am addicted to estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales etc.. My passion was born out of a need like most.. My family and I have always tried to live debt free, so we have never furnished or designed in our home on" the 24 months same as cash policy". So I have always tried to make my home beautiful on a budget. Sometimes in that frame of mind I have found that makes a unique one of a kind home a home like no one else's! I pride myself in that. So I am excited to share my passion with the blog world. I have been a blog fan for so long and have fantasized about doing my own. Sure I will make mistakes and misspell or have lots of run on sentences..but you got to plant a seed somewhere if you want to grow. :)